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 Enantiotech is a manufacturer dedicatedto the development and implementation of chiral technology for the productionof pharmaceutical Intermediates and fine chemicals. The company is located inthe National Health Park in Zhongshan City having  an area of over 13,000 square meters. Our manufacturing workshop equips with a number reactors covering the capacityfrom 100L to 2000L. The company has been certified with ISO9001:2008certification, and recognised as one of theGuangdong Hi tech Corporations bythe provincial government.  The companysafety standard is certified by the government regulator. , , Enantiotech has established an independent quality management system inaccordance with the cGMP regulations. Enantiotech has the state of the art testinginstrumentation for quality control. Our facility has been audited by clientsfrom all over the world such as client from Europe, Japan and India. Wecommit to provide high quality products and services to meet our clients’ultimate satisfaction. Enantiotech is your partner for chiral molecules.

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