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Merck Strengthens Commitment to Chinese Growth Market
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Merck, a leading company for high tech products in the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors, today reiterated its commitment to investments in the Chinese market, strengthening a major pillar of its emerging markets growth strategy.

At a press conference in Shanghai today, Kley said the Group’s newly built Liquid Crystals Center China, based in the Jinqiao Industrial Park in Shanghai, started delivering its first products to Chinese customers in the second quarter. Trial production at the center, which integrates a liquid crystal mixing plant, an LC lab and the China LC business hub, started in December 2013.

Adding another premium specialty chemicals business to Merck’s existing LC business and further expanding its presence in the Asian market, Merck earlier this year bought AZ Electronic Materials (AZ), a leading solutions provider of high-tech materials and functional specialty chemicals.

In addition to investments in drug production, Merck has also expanded its services for biopharmaceutical research and development customers. Recent investments by the Merck Millipore life science tools business include the Biopharmaceutical Technical and Training Centre in Zhangjiang Hi Tech Park, Shanghai. This center provides support, training and validation services to biopharmaceuticals customers with operations in China. The facility enables customers to investigate, explore and optimize their upstream and downstream processes as well as environmental monitoring processes. In Beijing, where Merck Serono’s Chinese headquarters are located, Merck also runs a research center focused on biomarker research, including pharmacogenomics and bioanalytics, which is part of Merck Serono’s stratified medicine approach.

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